White Labs Brewing the White House Beer

8 Oct

After seeing the news story about the White House brewing beer at home, we were struck by the fact they were A) homebrewing (how cool is that?) B) using dry yeast C) using a yeast made outside of the USA.  I guess they don’t know there are companies in this country that specialize in making liquid yeast cultures for beer, and in particular, one that is named WHITE Labs 🙂

As such, we decided it would be fun to clone this recipe, dry yeast and all.  Of course we couldn’t resist turning it into one of our tasting room experiments, so a couple of weeks ago, I brewed 2 batches of the White House Honey Ale (all-grain) on our brew sculpture.  I split up these up and used four different yeast strains – Windsor dry yeast (which the original recipe used),WLP001 California Ale Yeast, WLP005 British Ale Yeast, WLP039 East Midlands Yeast.  

I started the first batch at 8am on a Friday, then realized I forgot to pick up any Biscuit Malt, which was part of the recipe!  I had to make do for this one and go and get some Biscuit for the second brew.  Oops!  But I guess sometimes that kind of stuff happens and I just had to go with it.  On another note, it seems all of San Diego homebrew shops are out of honey, a key piece of this beer.  I went to three different shops and bought out everything I could find.  The beer will be brewed again this week, but not by me.  So not only will it be fun to see how the different yeasts do, but different brewers.

We’ll have the beers on tap starting the week of October 22nd – and we want you to come by the tasting room, try them, and vote for your favorite.  Decision 2012!  We’ll take votes up until election day, and reveal the results on election night, November 6th.  Hope to see you there!

3 Responses to “White Labs Brewing the White House Beer”

  1. Tim October 8, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    You know that the White House Mirco-Brewery will be closed if that douche Romney gets voted in. No booze for Mormans.Go Obama!

  2. Greg Beron October 8, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    I think WLP002 would be closest to Windsor. Also, like us, the San Diego brew supply stores probably try not to carry products which can easily be found in any grocery store.

    • nevalogic October 8, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

      We did end up getting honey from Costco, which was much easier 🙂

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